Hug A Dog Day: Dog Hugger Bronze Award Feature Photo. A man hugging his bull dog.
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Dog Hugger Bronze Award

Tomorrow is Hug a Dog Day! (who knew?)

Be sure to give your dog a lovely warm, heartfelt hug from all of us at Bounce and Bella.

If you’ve done that – well done – you achieved the Dog Hugger Bronze Award (who knew too?).

Ahh… That’s lovely… and may be enough for many of us but…

There is a way you can get a Dog Hugger Double Diamond Award – the highest of all the dog hugging awards! (again… who knew?)

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It’s not for everyone but I’m told it shows the ultimate love between one person and their dog.

It’s a sacrifice but apparently it’s the warmest and most loving hug a dog can give …

Because there is no greater love than someone who can cuddle a dog that’s just been chewing on Tripe Sticks – the stinkiest (but tastiest/healthiest) dog treat on the entire planet!*

Tripe sticks for dogs are not for the faint of human heart but you’ll have never felt a hug like it!

Pros of Tripe Sticks:

  • Low Fat Superfood with masses of locked-in nutrients.
  • Natural Dental Chews with honeycombed texture.
  • High levels of probiotics to help delicate tummies.

Cons of Tripe Sticks:

  • “The smell needs a warning.” ~ Padricco S.
  • “Super smelly but adored by our pup!” ~ Kay L.
  • “Smell terrible – but he really loves then” ~ Maggie C.

If you’re ready to try for that exquisitely rare Dog Hugger Double Diamond Award (and 10% off tripe sticks) here’s how:

Use Code StinkyGoodness for 10% Off any of the tripe sticks, including one, three and five-packs!

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:

2. Choose the pack you want

3. Add them to cart

4. At checkout use code: StinkyGoodness

5. That’s it!

But the offer only lasts until Midnight Monday 12th April!

As ever, any questions just comment on this post or email us at and Hannah will answer with all the warmth you’d expect of a Dog Hugger Double Diamond Award winner.

Have yourself a gorgeous dog hugging weekend,


Earlier claim:
Tripe Sticks – the stinkiest (but tastiest/healthiest) dog treat on the entire planet!*
*Unsubstantiated claim that’s impossible to know but maybe it’s true? (who knew?)

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