Mylo's DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Mylo’s DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Cake Tin Clatter – The Snuffling!

Want another super-simple game to play with you dog?


Because that’s what we’ve got for you.

Here’s Mylo the staffy cross to show us what’s what.

And you can see much more of him here…


DIY Game: Cake Tin Clatter – The Snuffling 

  1. Select your chosen treats
  2. Stack up your storage tubs with delicious Bounce and Bella treats hidden in each layer
  3. Now you’re ready to “Find it!”
  4. Enjoy them smashing over that pile and using their mighty snuffle!

That could be it or…

You could go full NOISE!!!

This would be great for pups who lack a bit of confidence.
Gradually add more and more noisy tins so they can get used to sudden noises and gain confidence.

DIY Game: Cake Tin Clatter – The Noisening

  1. Now try noisy style
  2. Stack up your baking trays with treats in between each layer
  3. “Find it!”
  4. Enjoy the NOISE!!!!
  5. Watch them snuffling for goodies


If you are just starting out on snuffling and sniffing games you can’t beat dried sprats to help an inexperienced nose – tasty and whiffy.

Thanks so much to Mylo the Magnificient Staffy X for showing us how easy it is!


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