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We All Deserve a Wonderful New Year

Happy New Year!

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 😀

I hope you had a lovely, lovely New Year’s Eve.

Some of you though may have been, like me, in bed by 8.30pm with Omnicrummycrappycron.

Most of the household got it a few days before but I manfully held it off until NYE so that everyone was better and I could get the full care and attention I obviously need.

It’s all swings, slides and roundabouts though because tonight we’re going to celebrate New Year properly.

We refuse to let a mere pandemic stop us having a few drinks with a couple of friends and shout half-remembered lyrics over the top of some late 20th Century pop masterpieces.



Omicron is tougher on Bounce and Bella than it was on me.

While the omicron wave continues to splash over us there will be some courier delays because of illness and quarantining.

You’ve all been so, so understanding with delays.

Thank you.

If you’ve had any issues you’ve probably met Lucy over email. We’re very lucky to be able to say she’s staying with us.

Lucy managed the front of house for one of the busiest Hilton hotels in London so she’s wonderful at getting problems sorted. She also believes in dealing with issues that arise just as we do – we just ask ourselves how would we want to be treated?


Last Year…

Last year we brought you our new raw food which has gone down incredibly well – better than we could have ever hoped.

We also added a Subscription plan to make life easier for you.

However last year was mostly about simply coping with the twin impacts of Covid and Brexit and making sure we survived.

We have now, for the most part, found workarounds and new systems to cope so we’re beginning to lift our heads up and start looking forwards again.

This Year…

We continue to work towards our aim of 100% recyclability started by last year’s change in the poultry and fish training treats to full kerbside recyclable packaging. The natural oils in foods make packaging challenging but we’ll undoubtedly get there.

As mentioned last year, we’re also looking at a new Super-Premium dry food with fresh meat that’s UK sourced including free range chicken and grass fed lamb. We’re hoping to bring it to you in the first half of this year.

We’re also very excited about some new ranges of treats we’ve been lining up for your gorgeous pups – all of course with the usual no-nasties promise.

As ever, they’ll contain just a few simple, natural ingredients that we’re proud to push front and centre.

It’s in our DNA to be clear with the ingredients so you as pet parents can make a quick, easy and informed choice about what you feed your dogs.

You shouldn’t need to struggle through the small print on the back of the packets worrying about derivatives, grain and other such painful offerings.

I better stop there before I go full twitter rant…
I’ve got tonic, lemons and ice-cubes to buy because week-late New Year’s Eve’s don’t make themselves!


All of us deserve to have a wonderful year, I hope you have a really, really great 2022,



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