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DIY games for dogs – Scrunchy Paper Treats

Scrunchy Paper Treats – Happiness Games for Dogs

Want a wonderfully easy game to play with you dog?

Well you’ve come to the right place because this is super-easy and a lovely bit of enrichment for your pup.

This one is brought to you by the utterly gorgeous Teddy and you can see much of him here…


Scrunchy Paper Treat – DIY Game

  1. Let your lovely dog decide which of their deliciously healthy Bounce and Bella treats they want today.
  2. Grab your dog’s treats
  3. Sprinkle them on a piece of A4 paper
  4. Scrunch up the paper – choose your dog’s level of scrunchiness wisely my friend
  5. Pop a few extra treats into the gaps because why the heck not?
  6. Then sit back and enjoy watching your dog work out how to get to their tasty treats
  7. Yum!

Thanks again to Teddy for showing us how it’s done!

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