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Hidden Nasties Feature Photo: A sad dog leaning it's head on the back of the sofa.

Hidden Nasties in Dog Treats

When I got Sausage Suckered. “Argggh… I’ve gone into full-blown rant mode! You can tell by the number of exclamation marks!!!” That’s me two-thirds of the way down this post… why? Let me tell you… As well as selling on our own site, we also sell on some of the big online channels.  I regularly …

100% Chicken Feature Photo, close up shot of a chicken.

When is 100% Chicken NOT 100% Chicken?

You may already have heard me say this, but our first dog Sorrel developed various itching and digestive issues as she got older. It was only many years later after we had started selling dog treats (and I experienced my own grain-based stomach problems), that I realised what had happened. We’d naively fed her big …

Rambo and Oscar, two jack Russell terriers standing next to a bag of grain-free dog food

Rambo and Oscar: Switching Over to Grain-Free Food

Hello! Wonderful Pet Parents! It’s great to be back on the blog, and don’t worry, I’m not taking over, and Darren will be back with his regular blog posts shortly.  If you don’t know me already, I’m Hannah. I’ve been working at Bounce and Bella for almost a year now – time flies when you’re …

Rambo, a white and tan jack Russell terrier that suffers from hay fever.

Hay Fever In Dogs

Hello, again, Wonderful Pet Parents!  It’s been a while since I last took over the blog, but this week, I decided to step away from my customer service desk to write this post all about hay fever in dogs!  I know, you’re probably thinking ‘hay fever in dogs? Does that even happen?’ I know that …

We Began to Wonder About Calling the Vet Feature Photo: Dog in the forrest being scratched under chin by owner.

We Began to Wonder About Calling the Vet…

Roscoe began itching maybe a month or so after we moved off the breeder’s recommended puppy food and onto new adult food (this was before we were creating our own Bounce and Bella grain-free food). We thought it was fleas initially (even though we never found any), so we bought everything we needed to fix …

Pet Parent Dawn's Dog

Pet Parent: Dawn’s Story

Hello, again, wonderful Pet Parents! You might have guessed, but it’s me, Hannah, again with another blog post – I swear I haven’t booted Darren from writing here on the blog, but I was very eager to lay claim to today’s post.  In case you’re not aware, I head customer care at Bounce and Bella. …

A Picture of a Black Pug sitting on the pavement with a veterinary cone around it's head.

Vets for Free

As pet parents, our dogs start showing us they are suffering, but we don’t know how bad it is, we wonder whether we should be getting in touch with the vets – is it serious enough? Are we wasting their time and ours? Dogs hide injuries or illnesses… However, dogs, because of their previous wolf …

A picture of a pug curled up on the floor looking sad.

What are Animal Derivatives, and why are they AWFUL?

Today I’m clambering onto my high horse and talking animal derivatives… What are animal derivatives? Animal or meat derivatives can legally come from ANY part of an animal. Beaks, heads, claws etc. they all get dumped in the leftover bucket and ground into a usable ‘ingredient’. But even worse they can come from ANY animal… …