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Bowl of Treats – easy games for dogs

Bowl of Treats – Easy Games for Dogs

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

What’s your dog likely to do in this situation?

They’ve got a bowl of loo rolls and some of the loos rolls have deliciously tasty treats in them?

Will they go nuts and after 30 seconds will your dog be munching happily surrounded by bits of loo roll and an upturned bowl?

Or after 30 seconds will they still be carefully lifting their first treat-filled loo roll out and thoughtfully working out how to get in?

Here’s how you’ll find out…

What you need:

Big Bowl

Lots of loo rolls




If the video above isn’t working try clicking for…


Step by Steps

      1. Collect up lots of loo rolls
      2. Fold up one end of a loo roll, pop in some treats, and fold up the other end of the loo roll
      3. Repeat with the rest of the loo rolls, placing them in the bowl
      4. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
      5. Look for your dog’s focus on you – then ‘Go!’



  • Try adjusting how many of the loo rolls you pop treats into – that way your dog can start sniffing which have treats and which do not.



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Kod polecajacy Binance
Kod polecajacy Binance
27 days ago

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

Elizabeth B ingley
Elizabeth B ingley
8 months ago

Please. please please stop sending me packets of treats which Ihave not asked for, I now have six packets for one small elderly dog. I will order when I need any more which may not be for some time. Enough is enough.