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Treat Bowling – Easy Games for Dogs

Treat Bowling – Easy Games for Dogs

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Here’s a bit of fun for you as well as your dog.

It’s just ten pin bowling with loo rolls as bowling pins and treats as bowling bowls.

You get to throw the treats and try to knock over the loo rolls while your dog has to wait for you to finish – a lovely bit of work on their patience.

However if you know that’s not possible yet, release them as you throw but try to make sure they’re looking at you before you throw.

The winner is either you or your dog – depending on whether you knock more loo rolls down with the treats or your dog with their snuffling for their treats.

What you need:

Lots of loo rolls




If the video above isn’t working try clicking for…


Step by Steps

      1. Collect up lots of loo rolls
      2. Stand them up like bowling pins
      3. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
      4. You have 3 tries to knock down the loo rolls
      5. Look for your dog’s focus on you – then release them with ‘Go!’ – so they can collect up the 3 treats you’ve thrown
      6. Did you or your dog (while snuffling for treats) knock over the most loo rolls?



  • If your dog is a bit keen to get going after each throw, don’t try and keep them still if it’s going to be a fail for them. Instead, release them at the same time you throw the treat with a ‘Go!’
  • Adjust the game as you see fit to make it work for you and your dog.



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