Roscoe, a long-haired German shepard in the garden playing with the bottle of treats.

Bottle of Treats Two (Me To You)

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent you!

Here’s my latest attempt to tempt Roscoe into trying our Happiness Games for Dogs.

It’s called ‘Bottle of Treats Two (Me to You)’ – the follow-up and newly improved version of ‘Bottle of Treats’.

And it’s now even simpler to make and still as simple to play.

All it is is a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and a piece of cardboard taped to create a new base of the bottle (the cardboard has holes cut into it for the treats to fall through).

With the updated version, it’s a lot easier to make, and there are holes for the string to go through so you can let the bottle fall along the string.


What do you need?

  1. Clean & thin plastic bottle with a good rim at the top
  2. Cardboard
  3. Tape
  4. String
  5. Strong scissors
  6. Hole maker – small headed screwdriver or a pen.
  7. Deliciously healthy Bounce and Bella Grain-Free training treats – YUM!
Bottle of Treats Set Up. Darren sitting at the dining room table with all the items needed for bottle of treats game.

How to do it?

  1. Cut out a piece of cardboard that’s about 50% bigger than the bottom of the bottle and cut and fold it onto the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Tape the cardboard, so it holds its form (but don’t tape it to the bottle)
  3. Pop a hole in the middle of the cardboard so the treats will fall out and trim. (Make the hole so the raggedy bits of cardboard will point outwards. Inwards and they’ll stop the treats falling out)
  4. Pop two holes on opposite sides of the neck of the bottle.
  5. Carefully cut the bottom off the plastic bottle.
  6. Tape your cardboard piece from steps one and two around the bottom of the bottle.
  7. Cut off a long piece of string. Tie it centrally below the bottle’s rim, so you’ve got equal lengths of string on both sides.
  8. Pour in your treats.
  9. Grab a string and have someone else grab the other end (or attach it to something).
  10. Then move it around and watch your dog-loving getting those treats out!

Here it is…

How will Roscoe enjoy it this time?

Will he wait around idly hoping the treats fall out?


Will he wander away for a lie-down hoping we just give him the treats anyway?

It’s a strong possibility.

Maybe this time he’ll surprise us all!

Hit play to find out…

Lessons Learned with Bottle of Treats Two?

Punch the holes near the top of the bottle when the bottle is still intact. It’s easier to make the holes while the bottle can hold itself in position.

When pushing the string through the holes – squeeze the sides of the bottle together and push the string through with your screwdriver or pen.

Will you be trying the Bottle of Treats Two?

Are you ready to give it a go? Think your dog is ready for ‘Bottle of Treats Two (Me To You)’? Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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