Roscoe, a longhaired white German Shepard in the water carrying a stone.
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Bounce and Bella Offer: Roscoe Was A Fish in a Past Life

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent you 🙂 

Have you got yourself a fishy dog?

I think Roscoe was a fish in a past life.

Any bit of water he’s in there splashing around.

And if it’s big enough, he dives under the water and searches for rocks to bring back to us.

(Maybe he was a half dog-half fish type creature last time round – aren’t they called ‘fogs’ or ‘dishes’ like ligers or tigons?)

My other piece of flimsy evidence he’s a fish is that he’s not a big fan of eating fish.

The dog world seems to break between those dogs that love fishy snacks and those that aren’t all that bothered. Roscoe isn’t all that bothered, but Marty certainly is!

Here’s Marty, waiting with that unerring gaze for the tastiest fish morsel known to doggie-kind. It’s the Fish Skin Snacks, and they’re back…

A photograph of Marty a Springer Spaniel giving his paw in exchange for a Bounce and Bella Fish Skin Snack

Fish Skin Snacks…

They’ve been away a while, but now they’re back by popular doggie demand!

If your dog is a fishy dog and they’ve not tried them, you should definitely give them a go. Because…

  • Under 1% Fat (ideal treats for older dogs with less active lifestyles, dogs on a diet, with pancreatitis or diabetic dogs.)
  • One ingredient (whitefish skin only)
  • Natural dog dental chew (rough, thin skin for rubbing teeth and gums)
  • Great for sensitive stomachs (fish is easily digestible, full of Omega 3 and a recommended protein for dogs with allergies)
  • Our ‘Sniff & Love’ Guarantee covers you if your dog doesn’t enjoy them

We’ve got a 15% offer on them for you to try the single packs if your dog’s not tried them before or if they’re already a fan – the multipacks are also on offer.

Marty, a springer spaniel, accepting a Fish skin snack from their owner

How do you get your 15% Off?

It’s Easy…

Use Code FishyDog15 for 15% Off the Fish Skin Snack (including multipacks).

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:

2. Pick out a single or multipack

3. Click ‘Add to Cart’

4. At checkout, use code: FishyDog15

5. That’s it!

Be aware… This offer ends at Midnight on Monday Night on the 17th of May.

Thank you Marty and Emma for such utterly gorgeous photos! Here’s one final photo for luck!

Marty a Springer Spaniel, sitting in the kitchen giving his paw to his pet parent while gazing at the fish skin snack.
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