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Big Box Confidence Builder – Games for Dogs

Big Box Confidence Builder – Games for Dogs

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Here we’re trying to build up our dog’s confidence with a big box that needs to be peered into or climbed into to get to the treats.

The more confident our dogs are the less likely they are to be reactive to other dogs and people.

So this is a nice easy way to start showing our dogs that there are rewards for being a bit braver.

What you need:
Big box


If the video above isn’t working try clicking for…


Step by Steps

    1. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
    2. Pop a few treats in your big box
    3. Wait for your dog’s focus on you
    4. Let them try and find a way to get to their favourite treats
    5. Make it a bit easier if your dog is struggling



  • Be patient waiting for the look, give your dog time to realise they need to look at you first
  • Be prepared to help your dog if the box is too big – I set the box with the flaps up to make the box bigger initially and give the option to make it smaller
  • Because Roscoe was worried about moving into the box initially this is a good game to go back to – start smaller and gradually build up the box size while also gradually building his confidence



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