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Price Rises Monday & Falls Now

Price Rises Monday & Falls Now

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Price Rises

We cannot hold off any longer and without doubt we’ve held off too long. We’ve got to raise prices, we’ve absorbed far too many supplier increases, caused the business problems and it’s not allowed us to expand the ranges as we should.

I’ll change the prices on Monday or Tuesday of next week and email specific changes if you’re on a subscription.

The treats are the least affected with minimal changes.

The food has been the most affected and the luxury food is more affected because higher welfare quality and local meats have gone up the most.


However… when I looked at where the prices will be – and then compared them with comparable dog-focused companies (that don’t just fill with cheap grains, oats and maize) – we’ll still be far better priced.

For instance, although now gobbled up by one of the multinationals, Lily’s Kitchen’s Chicken and Veg current pricing is:
1kg — £13.35 | 2.5kg — £31.75 | 7kg £82 | 2x7kg £155

If we adjusted that to the kgs we use – then Lily’s prices would be:
2kg £25 | 6kg £70 | 12kg £132

Lily’s 6kg prices are close to our 12kg prices!

And the ingredients in all our food is far, far better for your dog.

Price Falls

In better news, good news for you, embarrassing for me.

I made a complete mess of the poo bag pricing – sorry.

I managed to include figures that shouldn’t have been there in the costing.

Which means our genuinely biodegradable poo bags are much less expensive for you than I originally calculated.

Dog Poo Bag – 4 pack (25×4)    — £7.98

Dog Poo Bag – 8 pack (25×8) — £11.98

Dog Poo Bag – 16 pack (25×16) — £17.98

If you’ve already bought poo bags – reply back from this email and say ‘dog poo bag difference’ or similar and Lucy can issue you a voucher for the difference in price new to old. If you include an order number and use the email associated with the purchase Lucy will be able to find your order more easily.

Courier change

More good news, we’re moving away from DPD who started well but have steadily declined in consistency. There’s always the odd problem, it’s inevitable, but they’ve been causing too many avoidable issues.

We’re going to use Amazon’s shipping service, their customer service is strong and from the tests we run that seems to extend into their courier service.


Site speed

Finally, we have someone working hard on the speed of the Bounce and Bella website. Hopefully that’s completed by the end of next week. If you’ve had any issues with checkout timing out, this should really help. But a faster site just makes for a better visit overall.

That’s all from me.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and if you want to get ahead of the price rises, pop along this weekend and stock up,




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