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Awkward Treat Box – Confidence Games for Dogs

Awkward Treat Box – Confidence Games for Dogs

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

A fun game that’s quick and easy to set up and play but which you can use to boost your dog’s confidence.

Just grab yourself a few deliciously healthy treats and an awkward sized box that your dog can’t just lean into to get their treats.

We’re giving your dog’s brain a bit of a workout – literally – they’ve got to work out how to get into the box.

Will they go with smarts and try and turn the box or attempt to brute force their way to the treats?

What you need:
Awkward sized box


If the video above isn’t working try clicking for…


Step by Steps

    1. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
    2. Pop a few treats in your awkward box
    3. Place the box in front of your dog
    4. Wait for your dog’s focus on you
    5. Let them try and find a way to get to their favourite treats



  • Be patient waiting for their initial look, give your dog time to realise they need to look at you first
  • Be prepared to help your dog if the box is too awkward



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