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50% Off Short Dated Beef Nibbles

50% Off Short Dated Beef Nibbles


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Just another super quick email today to let you know that Marta in the warehouse found some Beef Nibbles with a short date on them.

So we need to sell them speedily…

Because they’ve got a best before date of August we’ve reduced them by 50%

Which means they’re priced at just £3.49 😲

Obviously when they’re gone – they’re gone. So don’t hang around!


Grab Short-Dated Nibbles at just £3.49…


  1. Choose your dog’s tasty treats here:
  2. Just pop them in your basket – they’re already reduced 😊
  3. That’s it! 
  4. Don’t hang around because there’s not that many


Have yourself another lovely weekend – I’ve not seen rain for 3 weeks – surely it can’t just be Lancashire with the lovely weather!?!



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