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What’s best for your dog’s teeth?

What’s best for your dog’s teeth?


Predators and Scavengers

Let’s chat about gums and gnashers and how best to keep them clean and pristine.

To do that with dogs it’s usually best to go back to their ancestors and see how they did it naturally.

Wild dogs and wolves were both scavengers and predators. As such their natural diet was full of delicious raw meaty bones.

It turns out chewing on bones was an ideal way to keep both teeth and gums in tip top condition.


Raw Meaty Bones

As they gnaw to get to the marrow bones become rough and irregular.

That’s perfect for toughening up gums. It helps stop tartar build up. It even helps remove tartar – think of the scraping process you have to endure at your Dentist’s when they are removing tartar buildup.

Even the simple act of chewing encourages the release of saliva.

And saliva helps neutralise the plaque acids which cause decay.

Saliva even contains minerals that can help repair early stage decay in teeth – do you remember when chewing gum companies started selling gum as a way to healthy teeth?.


Any Problems with Raw Bones?

Not really.

They’re a great way to clean teeth and a wonderful way to add nutrients and enrich our dog’s lives.

However for many of us there are issues holding us back…


It’s a worry but if your dog doesn’t guard their food now it’s highly unlikely they’ll guard their bones either.


This is a problem with cooked bones because the springy material within raw bones hardens during cooking. Cooked bones are much more likely to splinter than raw bones.
Only give your dog raw bones that are too big to swallow.
Make sure you remove any bone that becomes small enough to swallow whole.
As with all chews, keep an eye on your dog while they’re chewing.


Big ol’ raw meaty bones aren’t that easy to come by because we do most of our shopping at supermarkets. Become a regular at your local butchers and then ask about bones for your dog – it’ll be a free bone bonanza (Thank you to Sonja and Sorrell for this lovely tip!).


Why aren’t there more raw meaty bones available? Why aren’t the multinational dog food companies selling them?

Why don’t the huge pet food manufacturers sell them?…

There is one big reason multinational dog food producers don’t sell them.

They’ve created more profitable alternatives.

They’ve developed cheap alt-versions of bones they’re selling to us as science-led.

Really… It’s all profit-led.

Profit over our dog’s health…

Of course it’s all about the profit.

How do they make so much profit from their alternative versions of bones?

So much profit that it’s more profitable for them than selling bones your butcher will give you for free?

Answers on a postcard to…

Because they’re full of,
Utter Junk,
And Nasties,

If you buy dental treats, whip out your magnifying glass/phone and check out the back of the packet.

You’ll see exactly what I mean – it’s all derivatives and grains.

Why Raw Meaty Bones Work

Raw bones work to clean teeth and gums because they’re rough, hard and irregular.

They also work because the act of chewing increases saliva.

Rough, hard, irregular, saliva.

That’s it.

And that’s what Big Business dental treats attempt to repeat.

They’re very simple.

But Big Business, being what they are, attempt to do it thinking of their profit first and our dog’s health a long way second.

A Better Raw Meaty Alternative…

If you aren’t ready for raw meaty bones but don’t want to keep buying the rubbish big business churns out there is an alternative…

You can try our natural dental treats with just 3 ingredients.

We’ve attempted to replicate raw bones too.

They’re hard, they’re rough, they have an irregular shape.

But we’ve used just three ingredients.

Chicken, beef and green tea – that’s it!

(If you’re interested you can check out why we use green tea in the listing).


Bigger than Usual Discount!

I’ve not told Andy but I’ve set up a bigger discount than usual so you can check them out.

And don’t forget our Sniff and Love Guarantee so if your dog does the dreaded sniff and walk – you can just let us know and we’ll refund.

It’s easy to get your discount…

Use Code NaturalDental30 for 30% off…

1. Just go to the following page:

2. Click ‘Add to Cart’

3. At checkout, use code: NaturalDental30

4. That’s it!

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends Midnight Monday 7/2/22.


Thanks again Sonja and Sorrell for both that wonderful tip and your lovely emails.

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