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Brand NEW Happiness Games…

It was a bitingly cold, windy and drizzly wet Wednesday…


Hello you lovely Pet Parent, You!

It was a bitingly cold, windy and drizzly wet Wednesday in February and the year was 1872.

I was in the second year of Secondary School and Wednesday was Games day.
(1872 sounds somewhere near).

Games day meant spending the morning pleading with the weather.

Bargaining with the weather to turn so horrible you had to stay indoors.

But it was a risky ploy…

What if the weather got it slightly wrong?

Horrible enough to be utterly horrible but not horrible enough to do games indoors and warm?

Games day inevitably resulted in an afternoon of pulling on short shorts and a ridiculously thin top – then wandering reluctantly out onto a soggy field to have your extremities frozen until they disappeared or fell off.

Let’s change our memories of Games day…

Let’s make Games day all about enriching our and our dog’s lives with Happiness Games.

Let’s bring them a big old bunch of happy.

Every Wednesday is now going to be a lovely warm and joyous Happiness Games Day!


Brand New Happiness games…

We’re bringing you brand new happiness games to offer something different into your dog’s life.

Some variation, enrichment, excitement.

A way to develop your dog’s relationship with you, games to make focusing on you a habit you can use to help get their attention when you need it most.

All the games will be simple to play and easy to set up.

They are going to bring a lovely touch of joy into the lives of you and your dawg.

We even hired an artist…

We’ve now completed over 52 games.

And each of those is a very easy 4 to 6 steps.

We even hired an artist to draw simple but delightful images of all the dogs who have been testing the happiness games.

He’s using them to create simple step by step images of the games and how to play them.

Plus our Pawfluencers over on Instagram are currently trying out the games and creating videos so you can see them in action.

It’s very exciting…

Happiness Games can both really help develop our doggie-human relationship and thoroughly enrich our dogs’ lives.

Your dog is going to love them…

Our first brand new Happiness Game is coming next week… enjoy!




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