Tubs of treats - Easy DIY Games for Dogs
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Tubs of treats – Easy DIY Games for Dogs

Tubs of treats – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Lovely game to play with your hound but there’s different levels of difficulty you can introduce as your dog improves.

All you need is a few tubs – I’m using flat Chinese/Thai restaurant style take-away tubs which made it tougher for Roscoe than if I was using higher yoghourt tubs.

So the tub style plays with the difficulty but so does the flooring.

We initially tried it on the kitchen lino but that was too much for Roscoe. We moved the game into the front room and the carpet gave him some resistance so he could knock them over.

As usual we’re waiting for focus on us before letting them play the game – playing cheeky little games like this means over time your dog will look to you to help with decision making – when usually they might have just shot off and done their own thing.

All you need:
Bounce and Bella Treats
Your dawg


Step by Steps

  1. Grab your tubs and treat bag
  2. Ask your dog to sit or lie down
  3. Pop the tubs on the floor
  4. With your dawg watching start popping the treats under the tubs
  5. Wait for your dog to look at you
  6. Release them with ‘Go’ or whatever release phrase you use (be consistent)
  7. Watch them go for it
  8. If they struggle – find ways to make sure they succeed



  • Start a dog games collection – I’ve taken to gathering dog game goodies and tubs are now one of the essentials
  • Even if your dog gets over-excited and makes an early break for the goodies – shout ‘Go’ anyway – over time they’ll relate your command with the action.
  • If the tubs are slipping and sliding try moving them onto a firmer surface or up against a wall to help
  • Try different tub sizes – generally it’s the taller the easier.





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