Treat Roll Game Feature Photo: A Hand holding packet of grain-free training treats with a toilet roll holder.

‘Treat Roll’ – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent, you!

This could quite possibly be the easiest DIY game for dogs ever, but it works soooo well.

What do you need for the Treat Roll Game?

  1. Toilet or kitchen roll (the cardboard roll inside)
  2. Deliciously healthy Bounce and Bella grain-free training treats – YUM!
Treat Roll Game Ingredients: The image has a hand holding a packet of Bounce and Bella Grain-Free Training Treats and a cardboard toilet roll

How to do it?

  1. Fold the end of the toilet/kitchen rollover.
  2. Pour in some of your dog’s favourite Bounce and Bella treats.
  3. Fold over the other end of the toilet/kitchen roll.
  4. Let your dog do their thing…

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog throughout and clear away afterwards – definitely don’t want them munching on bits of cardboard during or after.

Here it is…

This is me making it (showing off my crazy folding skills).
What will Roscoe think of this game?

Lessons Learned?

Again! Again!

Roscoe showed waaay more interest in this Happiness Game than previous ones – maybe he’s getting used to them – perhaps it’s an excellent game for Brain Game newbies?

We’ll definitely be adding this to our list of go-to games.

Will you be trying ‘Treat Roll’?

Are you ready to give it a go?

Think your dog is ready for ‘Treat Roll’?

Let us know in the comments how you got on!

Want to know more about the delicious little training treats Roscoe was desperate to get at? They contain 80% poultry and 20% sweet potato and potato (that’s it!) and are available here:

And you can even try them at 50% off if you’ve never used our incredible offer before.
All the details are here…

I found this game initially on Wagadoo’s Instagram:

And they credited the excellent Kimberley Freeman’s City Dog Expert:

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Subrena Lal-McBain
Subrena Lal-McBain
2 years ago

I love this game, it gets an extra use out of a toilet roll tube and Daisy loves taking it to her bed and ripping it to pieces to find the treats inside!

2 years ago

You’re completely right, Subrena! It really does make extra use out of the toilet roll, and it’s such a fun game to keep our dogs entertained and reward them with some tasty treats – we’re pleased to hear that Daisy is having fun with it too!


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