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Treat, Recall, Repeat – Easy DIY Games for Dogs

Treat, Recall, Repeat – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

A lovely easy game to play with your dog, and… it has a natural bit of recall training within it.

All you need is…

Bounce and Bella Treats
Your dawg

 I’m doing this outside but you could do it inside too. You just need enough room to be able to throw a treat a metre or two either way.

Step by Steps

  1. Grab your treats
  2. Look for that focus on you
  3. Throw a treat to your left and say ‘Go’
  4. As they snaffle the treat and look up for more – call them back with their name
  5. Throw out a treat to your right
  6. Again, as they snaffle it up and look up – call your dog back and throw out a treat to the other side
  7. Repeat
  8. Finish while they’re enjoying it. 



  • Small high value treats that can be eaten quite quickly are best

  • Be sure to stop while your dog’s still enjoying it – it’s showbiz baby – always leave them wanting more 😁





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