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The Beauty of Leftovers…

Cottage pie and Carrots…

Many years ago Gill used to make the most utterly delicious cottage pies (could have been shepherd’s but let’s not confuse things).

Very unfortunately it slipped out of her repertoire.

They were absolutely blooming lovely.

If there were a few cottage pies huddled together their collective terms would have been lovelies, deliciounesses or drools.

Served with peas and plenty of diced carrots it was classic British hug-you-close winter warming goodness.

Very fine by me.

Mostly fine by Sorrel.

She was our first dog together and would get the leftovers – none from me obviously.

She licked her bowl clean of the usual kibble, the delicious cottage pie and the peas.

We’d peer into the bowl, and every time, there at the bottom were all the small cubes of chopped carrots.

They were sucked dry of gravy and lying heaped and alone at the bottom of a now arid bowl.

How she managed to disentangle the carrots we never did find out.

The Beauty of Leftovers x5

We don’t know what they’ll enjoy until we try.

Whether it’s fresh foods cooked or uncooked, show your pet parent awesomeness by giving your dog delicious extras whenever you can.

Whether you feed your dog dry or raw food – leftovers are awesome.

  1. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dry or raw feeder – leftovers rock!

  2. They liven up your dog’s life – What’s that? Love that! Hate that! It’s all interesting sniffs and tastes.

  3. More nutrient variety. Any fresh foods are providing new and varying amounts of goodness.

  4. Perfect for puppies! Our dog’s palates are set up when they’re puppies so if you want to avoid fussy dog syndrome – give them a wide variety of goodies when they’re pups.

  5. It all adds up. Save yourself a few days’ food money each month with leftovers.

And in the spirit of money saved – how does 15% off your food order sound?


How do you get your 15% Off?

It’s Easy…

Use Code Leftovers15 for 15%…

1. Just go to the following page, scroll down and choose your preferred food – dry or raw:

2. Click ‘Add to Cart’

3. At checkout, use code: Leftovers15

4. That’s it!

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends at Midnight on Monday 24th Jan 2022.

Any questions, just reply to this email, and Lucy or I will get back to you faster than Sorrel could separate carrots from mince, potato, gravy and peas.

Have yourself a weekend as wonderfully delicious as Gill’s Cottage Pie,


If you’re on the fence about the dry food – you can try some samples here:

If you’re a bit nervous about about shifting to raw – take a look at my Diary of a Roscoe and see how we got on – it’s much easier than you think: https://bounceandbella.co.uk/diary-of-a-roscoe


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1 month ago

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.