Thank Dog Almighty - Raw’s Here at Last…
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Thank Dog Almighty – Raw’s Here at Last…

Raw’s Here at Last – Our journey together…

We’ve gone on a journey with Bounce and Bella, and if you’ve been with us from the early days, you’ll recognise the lovely wandering walk we’ve taken with you and your dogs…

  • Grain-free training treats.
  • Clear ingredients for informed decisions.
  • Grain-free food with more fresh meat and up-front, clear ingredients.
  • Single-ingredient treats – often raw and air-dried.
  • Raw food.

Single best thing you can do for your dog’s health

We have a better understanding of the importance of minimally processed food – less cooking means many more nutrients making it into your dog’s digestive system – reaching their coat, their skin, easing their digestion issues, giving their immune system a boost, the list goes on and on.

So many wonderful health benefits are attributed to raw feeding because your dog is getting so many more nutrients they need enabling them to thrive, not just survive.

I’m now completely convinced that raw food is the single best thing you can do for your dog’s health.

100% Convinced.

Easier than you Think

Realising the health benefits certainly turned my head, but it wasn’t until we realised it was so much simpler than we ever thought that Gill and I made the change for Roscoe.

My worry was that I wasn’t going to give Roscoe those health benefits because I’d mess up the raw feeding and give him fewer nutrients than he was already getting.

I shouldn’t have worried as Raw 80:10:10 is a complete meal including everything our dogs need yet… still that whispered, chuntering doubt continued.

It was only when I found out that I could happily add fresh leftovers or extras that I began to realise I was obsessing over the perfection that was impossible to reach.

We’ve created a pdf called ‘Easier than you Think’ that will help show you how much simple raw feeding can be. It’s available free for you to download here:

And will also be emailed to you after your first order.

Thank Dog Almighty – Raw’s Here at Last…

Use Code Raw20 for 20% off anything in the Bounce and Bella store when you buy any of the new raw food packs.

This is the ideal time to make the change because this is the one and only time we’ll run this offer, and it ends at Midnight on Monday.

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:

2. ‘Add to Cart’ any of the raw food options.

3. Then ‘Add to Cart’ any of your dog’s other favourites.

4. At checkout, use code: Raw20

5. That’s it… nearly… we’ll also be sending you a 15% off discount for your next raw food purchase along with the email containing the ‘Easier than you Think’ pdf.

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends – for good – at Midnight on Monday.

Any questions, just reply to this email, and Hannah or I will get back to you.

Have yourself a wonderfully healthy and delicious weekend,

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