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Happiness Games for Dogs: Bottle of Treats

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent you! I think I’ve just invented a new fun game for dogs! Although there’s a strong likelihood, someone’s already done it. 😥 It’s called ‘Bottle of Treats’, and it’s super-duper simple to make and super awesome simple to play. Frankly, with my DIYery, it has to be super simple. It’s …

For an exciting summer, Oscar a beige lurcher is sitting on the sofa as his pet parent present shim with a one year gotcha dog cake.
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An Exciting Summer Coming Up!

Hello, you, Lovely Pet Parent you! Are you ready to hear about the exciting Summer we have coming up? It’s an exciting Summer coming up… Corona is on the retreat, and soon soon soon we’ll be able to meet and greet our family and friends as we should be able to and like we could… …

Hidden Nasties Feature Photo: A sad dog leaning it's head on the back of the sofa.

Hidden Nasties in Dog Treats

When I got Sausage Suckered. “Argggh… I’ve gone into full-blown rant mode! You can tell by the number of exclamation marks!!!” That’s me two-thirds of the way down this post… why? Let me tell you… As well as selling on our own site, we also sell on some of the big online channels.  I regularly …

100% Chicken Feature Photo, close up shot of a chicken.

When is 100% Chicken NOT 100% Chicken?

You may already have heard me say this, but our first dog Sorrel developed various itching and digestive issues as she got older. It was only many years later after we had started selling dog treats (and I experienced my own grain-based stomach problems), that I realised what had happened. We’d naively fed her big …

Paul's Recue Lurcher, standing in the pathway with its head slightly turned looking across a field.
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Bounce and Bella’s Lurcher Offer

Hello you lovely Pet Parent you 🙂 This is Paul’s gorgeous rescue Lurcher, Oscar, and he’s left a review that’s too lovely not to share… We have a rescue lurcher that was found living stray before he came to us, he was in quite a poor state and very under weight even after being looked …

Rambo and Oscar, two jack Russell terriers standing next to a bag of grain-free dog food

Rambo and Oscar: Switching Over to Grain-Free Food

Hello! Wonderful Pet Parents! It’s great to be back on the blog, and don’t worry, I’m not taking over, and Darren will be back with his regular blog posts shortly.  If you don’t know me already, I’m Hannah. I’ve been working at Bounce and Bella for almost a year now – time flies when you’re …

Roscoe's The Eyes Have It Part Two Feature Image.

The Eyes Have It: Part Two

We need to earn our dog’s focus now – so we can ask for it when we need it. How do you know when your dog is focused on you? When they’re looking, you bang in the eyes – the eyes have it! via GIPHY If you haven’t tried out The Eyes Have It Part …

The Eye's Have It Feature Photo: Roscoe Lying on the Carpet with a Toy In Front of Him

The Eyes Have It: Part One

John Bercow became worldwide famous during the Brexit debates. Whatever you thought about him, he was ALWAYS right about one thing (although his spelling was off …) via GIPHY In terms of relationship and training, one of the most important things our dogs can give us is their focus. How do you know if your …

Dog Theft Prevention Photo
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Dog Theft Prevention Advice

Hello, again, wonderful Pet Parents and hello to your dogs too! In case you haven’t realised, it’s me, Hannah, again writing another post for you all, and it’s a bit of a serious one today too.  I approached Darren about writing this post as it’s vital for us that we’re supporting our Pet Parents not …