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When is 100% Chicken NOT 100% Chicken?

You may already have heard me say this, but our first dog Sorrel developed various itching and digestive issues as she got older. It was only many years later after we had started selling dog treats (and I experienced my own grain-based stomach problems), that I realised what had happened.

We’d naively fed her big brand dog food bought from the supermarket. We had taken what the pet food manufacturers said on the front of the packet as the truth – it never occurred to us for a single second to start checking on the ingredients hidden away on the back of the pack.

I mention this because I very nearly fell for it again, and I’m supposed to know what I’m doing now…

Our local post office recently moved into a nearby supermarket, so now, as I’m waiting in line, I check out the goodies on the shelves next to me.

Those goodies are currently pet treats and food – brilliant – a bit of nerding out/research and maybe find something lovely for Roscoe to try.

Much of it I can safely ignore. It’s a mini supermarket, so there’s lots of cheap and dodgy grain and derivative filled awfulness.

But my eyes land on a packet proclaiming 100% Chicken – I’m interested – tell me more – your ideas are interesting to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter…

I pick it up and start reading the front: ‘Chewy chicken fillets – made with 100% Natural Chicken Breast Meat’.


Sounds great…

Now for the big question… What’s in the ingredients?

Is it really just ‘100% Natural Chicken Breast Meat’?

Well – yes and no – and that’s how they got me…

And the Rest?

The chicken that’s used is 100% chicken, but the rest of the ingredients aren’t.

The ingredients were actually Chicken Breast, Tapioca, Starch, Glycerin and Salt.

The front of the packet had me believing I was buying just natural chicken breast. The reality was different.

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The ingredients aren’t the worst I’ve ever seen – the number one ingredient is chicken (not grain or other derivatives), but the other ingredients are there simply to make more of the treats, hold them together and taste better – as cheaply as possible.

However, the most annoying thing was the weasel words ‘100% Natural Chicken’ that tricked me into picking up the product.

If I weren’t so into treats I would never have got to the ingredients and discovered what I was being sold wasn’t what I was getting.

This happens a lot.


How to Avoid Falling for Weasel Words?

So how can we all avoid falling for the words on the front packets of our dog’s treats?

Turn them over, read the ingredients (sometimes called composition), and discover what’s really in there.

If they aren’t all-natural ingredients you could buy from your local supermarket – put the packet down and back away (I call it the ‘Could I buy that in Town?’ test).

We always try to be clear on the ingredients on all our products – because we’re proud of what we’re offering. But also because we want you, as pet parents, to be able to make the best decisions for you and your pups.

A lower shot of a pet parent in a white skirt walking down some steps with her dog on a leash.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

  1. We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties.
  2. By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients.
  3. This means you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.

If you know us, you know that’s what we’re all about – but if you’re new to us, you can have a look at our treats and see what we mean. All the details and an awesome 50% off discount (if you’ve never used it before) can be found here: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/pages/blog50.

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