For an exciting summer, Oscar a beige lurcher is sitting on the sofa as his pet parent present shim with a one year gotcha dog cake.
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An Exciting Summer Coming Up!

Hello, you, Lovely Pet Parent you! Are you ready to hear about the exciting Summer we have coming up?

It’s an exciting Summer coming up…

Corona is on the retreat, and soon soon soon we’ll be able to meet and greet our family and friends as we should be able to and like we could… in the pub (half-joking).

As for Bounce and Bella, we’re still in the long tail of covid and the B-word, but we’re nearly out of it.

There are still a couple of stock issues (some items have been affected worse than others), but yesterday, a few long-term casualties came back into stock. Including…

Venison Chews
Fish Skin Snacks
Whitefish and Potato Cookies
Meat & Green Tea Natural Dental Chews

While struggling to get them back in stock, we found a couple of fantastic chews that are very similar to the popular venison chews.

There will be two versions – rabbit chews – which will be great for dogs with allergy issues. 

And chicken chews – with chicken always a very popular flavour for dogs.

We’re hoping both new chews will be available towards the middle of June.

New Warehouse

To try and help with the stock issues, we’re picking up the keys (today, hopefully!) for our new warehouse. We’re hoping holding more stock means we’ll be buffeted less strongly by supply issues.

Honestly, it’s a bit scary knowing we’re committing that much of our cash flow to the warehouse, but if we want to keep developing Bounce and Bella, we’ve got to believe in ourselves, our no-nasties mission and you.

Subscription Service

An additional benefit of the warehouse is that we’ll be in a position to create a subscription service.

Hannah gets asked constantly about the option of signing up for a regular treat and food delivery service, and sometime over the summer, we hope to be able to bring that to you.


If that’s something you’re interested in, just email Hannah at saying ‘Subscription list please Hannah’.

And Hannah will add you to the ever-growing list of customers who are keen to know more when the service is ready.

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Raw Feeding

We know a lot of you are raw feeders, and we’re highly aware of the benefits of raw feeding while staying aware that it’s not suitable for all pet parents all of the time.

The most straightforward and immediate way Bounce and Bella could make a difference when moving into complete foods was with healthier dry food. 

Which is where we started.

And good healthy dry food remains a solid option for many of us because of the various constraints we deal with, such as time and physical space.

However, we do see raw feeding as the way forward if your family’s particular constraints allow.

We’re currently in the learning and listening phase, so if you have any thoughts or experiences of raw feeding you’d like to tell us about, we’d love to know more.

If you’d like us to keep you informed on what’s happening, just email Hannah at saying ‘Raw food please Hannah,’ and she will be able to keep you in the loop.

Best until Last

The final and best piece of our exciting summer news is that Hannah, who has been working with us part-time, has agreed to join us on a full time and permanent basis.

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If you’ve ever had any problems with a delivery or an order and you’ve talked to Hannah via email, you’ll know why we’re so excited to be able to welcome her entire time as Employee #1. 

She’s patient, caring, and completely and utterly loves dogs (priority #1).

That’s all

That’s all the news this month. Do let us know by emailing us at if you’ve got questions or thoughts.

Paul from last week’s Friday offer messaged us back to say that we’d somehow managed to email on “Oscar’s 1st gotcha day with us.” The image at the top of the blog post is Oscar celebrating!

I told you that we have an exciting summer coming up! Are you excited too?

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