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Sometimes it’s the Absence…

Sometimes it’s the Absence…

Hello Fellow Pet Parent!

So… we did manage to go wild camping in Galloway last weekend – just squeezed in before the local lockdown began.

We went a bit further this year, hiking for 5 hours up the hills until we were literally miles away from anyone.


We were lucky enough to have cloudless and almost moonless nights. I’ve may never see that many stars again, the milky way was unmistakable as it stretched across the glittering sky.

Jupiter and Saturn reflected brightly in the lake.

We were even woken the second morning by a wild Billy Goat standing on the nearest outcrop of rocks to our tent.


However the best thing was an absence.

The lack of sound.

There were no trees, almost no animals.

The nearest roads were miles away, so were the nearest people.

No wind.

No sound.


(No sounds except the phone’s mic hitting the slightest bit of wind)


If you have an older dog or one with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Or maybe you are struggling to cope with your dog’s pancreatitis or their diabetes…

It’s also a lack of something that you find the best thing.


Anna back in May asked us about low fat treats for her dog and at last we’re just a couple of weeks from releasing them.

For Dalmations and their owners it’s a lack of offal in treats that is the best thing (Anne asked us about this in August).


The new softer training treats we’re releasing have no offal in them and just one ingredient.

Another lovely absence.

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