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Bounce and Bella’s Delivery during COVID-19

Like us, you are probably shocked by the sudden and rapid escalation of both the virus and the actions being taken to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We use a fulfilment company who we are happy to have a good plan in place to cope with the health, staffing and logistical issues.

If that situation changes, we will, of course, make it immediately clear by setting up obvious and unmissable notices at the top of the website and elsewhere so you will always be fully aware of any issues before buying (we’ll email too of course).

You can help now by:

  1. Including a contact number when ordering.
  2. Anticipating that deliveries may be a little slower than usual because of the increase in workload on delivery firms due to the online sales spike and a decrease in staffing numbers.
Stock Image: White Delivery Vans Lined up in a Car Park.

Here’s important advice from Hermes that will help:

“So, we are making some changes to the way our couriers deliver parcels to offer ‘contact-free delivery’ right to everyone’s doorsteps. These include:

  • Asking customers to choose a safe place for deliveries. Anyone who receives a parcel should visit the tracking section and choose ‘divert’ to select a safe place. This can also be done through our app, within the MyPlaces section.
  • If a safe place hasn’t been chosen, but if there is somewhere safe to deliver the parcel, then couriers will leave it there, even when there is someone in the property. A photo will be taken, and this will be included in the delivery notification email.
  • For parcels requiring a signature, our couriers can temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact via hand-held devices. This will only happen when the customer opens the door and gives their name for security reasons. The courier will stay at least two steps away.
  • If there is no safe place available, please be assured that we will always attempt delivery 3 times.”

Hermes, A message from CEO about COVID-19

Ongoing advice from Hermes is available here:

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binance us тркелу
binance us тркелу
20 days ago

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

Mary Robb
Mary Robb
3 years ago

I just started getting bounce and Bella treats for my dog Skye . She just loves the real meat treats so much healthier for her than a lot of the shot bought things we usually buy. Will be trying other lovely things they have for dogs very soon . 🐶

3 years ago

Many thanks for your Green Tripe blog . Many years ago , newly married , first house/mortgage , skint , and owned by an English Springer , I used to cycle to the abattoir in Paisley to buy a backpack of very cheep green tripe . It was greenish , with grains of sand , bits of grass etc .. My wife Meg used to go crazy . When cooking the tripe , the door between kitchen and living room had to be kept closed , because of the smell which was similar to used childrens’ nappies . The smell was so bad , I’d be forced to open the kitchen back door and window , and then the kitchen would fill with bluebottle flies ! As soon as the tripe was cooked , I’d whisk the pot down to the bottom of the garden to cool . After handling the tripe , my hands would be covered in a greenish grease , also smelling like you-know – what , and numerous washes only seemed to make the reek a little less .
The dog LOVED it . Stay safe people .