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Pig Ear Crazy!

Pig Ear Crazy!


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Big Big Over Order…

We went pigging crazy the last time we ordered the pig ear strips.

And now we’ve got far far too many.

Bad for us but great for you as we’ve got to get them moving…

50% off the Current Discount

We’ve already got them on sale with a big discount but we’ve got to get them going.

That’s why for this weekend we’ve reduced them by another 50%!!!


How to Order…

With code PC50 go to the Special Offers page:

  • Add any of the pig ears (including multipacks) to your cart
  • At checkout use code: PC50 
  • That’s it!

Have yourself a lovely weekend,

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b"asta binance h"anvisningskod
b"asta binance h"anvisningskod
1 month ago

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