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Interrupting our usual games service…

Interrupting our usual games service


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

If you get the Friday email with our regular offers you probably already know this but we’ve partnered up with an incredible Online Dog Training company called Spirit Dog.

It’s taken me weeks of searching and investigating to find a company that I think works perfectly with the games we play on a Wednesday and connects with our Bounce and Bella ethos.

Spirit Dog uses the games based system to train and to help with specific problems – no forceful training ever – just rewarding the behaviour you want to encourage.

Which means it’s a natural extension of what we’re already doing with our Wednesday games.

You can find more details of the wide range of courses on our website here:

However, the main reason I’m interrupting our usual games service…

Is because Spirit Dog currently has a 7 day FREE dog training course available.

You’ll be able to test the simple, clear and kind ways Steffi (who has trained with multi-world champions) encourages dogs to develop the new behaviour you would like to see.

You can access the course here while it’s still available.





If you’ve been waiting for Beef strips, Nibbles and the Chicken, Beef and Green Tea Dental Chews they should all be back in stock this week sometime.

The fish treats are reliant on our new packing line getting up and running but looking good for May.



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