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Getting that perfect focus…

Getting that perfect focus…!


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


I’ve been playing games with Roscoe for quite a while and it’s massively helped with his focus. Nearly all dog trainers I’ve talked to say getting that perfect focus is the foundation of a great relationship.

But this is us having some fun, enjoying ourselves while enriching Roscoe’s day-to-day and gently developing our relationship.

To go to the next level where I’m really training him up, and to understand it well enough to share with you – I would need to focus on becoming a full-time trainer.

I’ve considered it, but the pulls of Bounce and Bella as a business mean I just would not have the time to do it as well as I’d want.

And shockingly for my bloke-ego I might not be any good

So I began searching for an excellent online Dog Trainer to partner up with…

  • One that rings with our Bounce and Bella ethos of treating our dogs as we would want to be treated, kindly and fairly while providing real excellence in training…
  • Somewhere the training has proven to work – with brilliant reviews from happy students (or dog parents).
  • Strong money-back guarantees – 60 days is more than enough to know if training is working for you or not.
  • Courses taught by the same high-quality trainers as in-person training but at a more affordable price
  • Somewhere you can ask questions and get feedback from a world class instructor.
  • Immediate access to your courses that you can work through at your own speed.
  • A wide range of courses to suit your dog’s specific needs.
  • Courses with simple, clear instructions that you can begin doing quickly and start getting results early.


The perfect online dog training company…


It’s taken quite a while, most of this year (luckily/unluckily the supply issues meant I had more time than usual) – but I think I’ve found the perfect online dog training company for us to align with…

They’re called Spirit Dog Training and they believe training is about developing a better relationship between us and our dogs all with lovely, gentle methods based on a similar game style that you’ll be familiar with from the Wednesday emails.

The training options are wide with either overall training for your dog or puppy (and even specifically for rescue dogs).

Or the training can help you with more particular problems like reactivity, loose leash walking or toilet training.

All with great pricing, especially as you can ask questions of a world class trainer.

We have many more details on our new dog training page:

That’s everything for this week, have a lovely May Day Bank Holiday weekend – fingers crossed for the weather,




Maybe you’d prefer access to a real world offline trainer you can stand and chat to about your dog? We are looking to build up a list of trainers which we’re hoping to bring to you soon.

If you’re a dog trainer and would like to be on our list – reply back to this email with Dog Trainer in the subject line and details of the area you cover and how to contact you.

(There’s no charge or hidden motives – we just want to connect friends of Bounce and Bella together).

Beef strips, Nibbles and the Chicken, Beef and Green Tea Dental Chews should all be back in stock next week sometime – phew!

The fish treats are reliant on our new packing line getting up and running but looking good for May.



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