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Treat Roll Game Feature Photo: A Hand holding packet of grain-free training treats with a toilet roll holder.

‘Treat Roll’ – DIY Brain Games for Dogs

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent, you! This could quite possibly be the easiest DIY game for dogs ever, but it works soooo well. What do you need for the Treat Roll Game? Toilet or kitchen roll (the cardboard roll inside) Deliciously healthy Bounce and Bella grain-free training treats – YUM! How to do it? Fold …

A close up shot of a dog sniffing at the camera showing dog's sense of smell

Your Dog’s Sense of Smell

Your dog’s sense of smell is incredible, and it’s their most dominant sense. For humans, it’s sight, and for dogs it’s smell. If aliens arrived and told us that they ‘see’ the world via their noses, we’d be amazed. And yet, we have fully paid-up aliens living in our houses, taking in the world around …

Roscoe, a long-haired white German Shepard running in a. field on a sniff walk

Sniff Walk – Sniffing & Happiness for Dogs

Have you ever given your dog a sniff walk? A sniff walk probably means all sorts of different things to different people – but for me, it means a walk for your dog with the main aim being to give them licence to go sniffing like crazy. It’s different from our usual walk. With Roscoe, …

Roscoe, a long-haired German shepard in the garden playing with the bottle of treats.

Bottle of Treats Two (Me To You)

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent you! Here’s my latest attempt to tempt Roscoe into trying our Happiness Games for Dogs. It’s called ‘Bottle of Treats Two (Me to You)’ – the follow-up and newly improved version of ‘Bottle of Treats’. And it’s now even simpler to make and still as simple to play. All it …


Happiness Games for Dogs: Bottle of Treats

Hello, you Lovely Pet Parent you! I think I’ve just invented a new fun game for dogs! Although there’s a strong likelihood, someone’s already done it. 😥 It’s called ‘Bottle of Treats’, and it’s super-duper simple to make and super awesome simple to play. Frankly, with my DIYery, it has to be super simple. It’s …

Oscar and Rambo, two Jack Russell Terriers, staring up at the Whitefish and Potato Cookies before the Treats and Paper Game

Nose Games: Treats and Paper

We all know how important our dog’s noses are. Their sense of smell is an essential part of who they are, whether that be for work or just everyday life.  Perhaps your dog has an actual job of being a sniffer dog, guide dog, or working for the police. Or like my dogs, who use …