The Best Ways to Greet a Dog Feature Photo: A white toy poodle sitting down with it's paw raised in the air like it is waving.

The 7 Best Ways to Greet a Dog For the First Time

As we come out of lockdown here in the UK, it’s a time of hope and excitement. After a long winter, it’s an opportunity for us to reunite with friends and family, whether in our gardens or local parks. 

It’s also a time of excitement as it brings the opportunity to finally meet the furry friends that have become additions to our friends and families lives. After all, during the three lockdowns that have occurred, dog ownership rise via adoption or purchasing puppies has been on the rise. 

Of course, there is the temptation that whenever you meet a dog for the first time, sometimes you want to pick them up, cuddle them and tell them how adorable they are.

But a dog might not be too pleased about that straightaway. This is why we thought that we’d share this great article on how to approach dogs you’ve never met before. Essentially, great ways to make a great first impression and get all the fluffy cuddles later on. 

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7 Ways To Greet a Dog for the First Time

This article had some great information, but we thought to keep it short and sweet – we know you want to get out there and meet the new additions but hold on – that we’d share the top seven tips for greeting a dog for the first time. 

  • Always ask the dog’s guardian/pet parent/hooman if you can pet their dog. This is the best way to start, and their pet parent will advise how best to do so if it’s okay. 
  • Let the dog approach you, give them some space and a choice. After all, some dogs can be nervous around new people and may need time to warm up to you before you can pet them. 
  • Following on from step 2, if the dog lets you pet them, make sure that you still give them some space so that they can move away if they’d like to. Don’t restrict their movement or back them into a corner. 
  • Gently approach a dog in a slow manner; after all, you wouldn’t be happy if someone approached you in a rude or threatening way. Instead, opt for a one-should facing the dog approach and moving to them side-on – it’s one of the politest ways to greet a dog. 
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the dog. Use your peripheral vision with a turned away head (if you follow tip 4, you should be side-on anyway).
  • Ensure any eye contact is given in short glances with soft and slow blinking eyes. 
  • Allow them to walk away, especially if they just give you a sniff and then wander off. Let them come back to you on their terms. 

Anyway, those are our top seven tips to greet a dog for the first time. If you’re after more information, then here’s the article as it’s chock full of interesting stuff and has some great information on dogs body language.

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