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20% off NEW Plaque Buster…

20% off NEW Plaque Buster…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


Brand New Product…


As you can see from the huge image above we’ve got a brand product available to help with your dog’s teeth.


Called ‘Plaque Buster’, it’s made from 100% Scottish Seaweed.


In line with our ethos, it’s completely natural and as always we’ve tried our hardest to source from the UK, in this case the beautiful North of Scotland.



Third biggest seller


It came into production much quicker than we expected so we added it to the massive Black Friday sale.


And amazingly it was the third biggest seller over the weekend.


Apparently many of you already know the wonderful benefits of seaweed for your dog’s teeth and gums – not to mention it being utterly chock full of minerals and amino acids – plants in the sea like to hold very tight to their goodies.



Three main benefits


Here are the three main benefits of plaque buster if you aren’t already aware…


Fights plaque and tartar

Plaque Buster’s unique mix of minerals and good bacteria combine to help your dog: breakdown plaque and tartar – strengthen teeth – lower tooth sensitivity – reduce pain.

Incredibly easy to use

Because you simply sprinkle your dog’s daily dose onto their food – maybe a quick mix – and that’s it! There’s no mess & it works with any food inc wet, dry or raw (free measuring scoop and feeding guide included).

Fresh breath help
Seaweed fights the actual cause of bad breath in dogs rather than masking the symptoms by fighting:
1. Bacteria that cause plaque
2. Plaque and tartar build-up


There’s also a couple of links to bonuses on the tub when you get it. Both of which relate to the fact Plaque Buster should be used together with natural dog chews for optimal doggie dental care.


Grab your 20% off NEW Plaque Buster

Use Code Plaque20 for 20% off Brand NEW Plaque Buster.

1. Just click the blue ‘Shop Now’ button or go to the following page:

2. Click on ‘Plaque Buster’ and ‘Add to Cart’

3. At checkout, use code: Plaque20

4. That’s it!

This New Release Sale ends Midnight Monday 22/11/22.


As ever, any questions just let us know.





On an unrelated note, we got an email from the lovely Subrena a couple of weeks ago that is pretty darn interesting…

“I hope that all is well with you. I just wanted to let you know that our dog loves your treats and enjoys both the poultry and fish training treats. For a while she had bad breath and we stopped giving her the fish treats to see if that was the issue. However, it turned out that the treats were not the issue but while she didn’t have the fish treats in her diet, her pee started killing our grass in patches. We put the fish treats back into her diet and low and behold our grass patches stopped! She is now back to her usual non-grass killing but still grass-munching wee self!”

Anyone else experienced this or thoughts on how this can happen?

If you’ve got a lovely dog story you’d like to share please do let us know 😊

Thanks so much ✨✨✨ Subrena ✨✨✨



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