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Store Closing for Xmas

Store Closing: 18th Dec until 4th Jan

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 

 Just a quick message today to let you know what’s happening with the Bounce and Bella store over the Christmas and New Year but first deliveries…


We’re so sorry about this but a combination of unprecedented demand, a nationwide driver shortage & the recent storms means deliveries have been experiencing delays of up to seven days.

This has been getting better over the last few days with fewer long delays but as I’ve mentioned in previous emails, this is an ongoing problem countrywide and at any point covid, another storm or sheer pressure on the courier system could lead back to longer delays.

We can’t guarantee orders before Christmas and we’ve decided to shut the store early for the holiday period and on throughout Christmas and New Year.

STORE CLOSING: 18th Dec until 4th Jan

We’re shutting down the Bounce and Bella store from and including the 18th December and will only re-open on the 4th January.

Raw Food: Last Order date is 14th December

Dry Food & Treats: Last Order date is 17th December

Please be aware that the 17th is simply a last order date. We cannot guarantee arrival before Xmas.

Any orders placed after these dates will not be processed until 4th Jan.


I’ve already emailed those of you with subscriptions due over the time we’re shut.

If you have a subscription due within those dates it will be delayed until the 4th – unless you go into your subscription portal and press ‘order now’ or choose ‘reschedule’.

Contact us if you need help with this.

Final Christmas Savings

If you do have orders you need to place before the 14th or 17th do it as soon as you can because delivery issues are only going to get worse the nearer we get to Christmas.

We do still have some savings on the Christmas Bundles with 15% off their usual prices.

The sacks and stockings also have 50% off – only while stock(ings) last.

Have yourself a lovely weekend but remember government guidance… no snogging strangers under mistletoe this year – we know what you get up to!


Apparently government guidance says snogging your dog under mistletoe is allowed but no strangers and definitely no stranger’s dogs!


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