How to Stop your Dog Pulling on the lead!
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7 Tips to Stop your Dog Pulling on the Lead

7 Tips to Stop your Dog Pulling on the Lead

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

I discovered Nigel Reed’s book ‘Dog Guardian’ a few years back and it helped our relationship with Roscoe enormously.

Yesterday I bumped into Nigel’s new video on how to stop your dog pulling on the lead – 7 tips for loose leash walking.

It pulls the method from his book and shows it done simply and clearly with 7 wonderful tips along the way.

It’s a lovely gentle way to show your dog exactly what you want from them.

Worked for Roscoe…

I applied the techniques to Roscoe and it worked like a charm – with the feet shuffling tip working particularly well as a brief reminder of what should be happening.

Here’s a link to the short video, if you have a dog that pulls on the lead this could really help you:


Good Luck!

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