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Bounce and Bella Update – Prime, New and Newish…

Hello, you lovely, Pet Parent, you! 😊

Back in Stock & Prime Day is Coming…

We’re still in stock! It’s been one heck of a struggle, but things are getting easier – although I’m knocking on wood as I type – easy when you type with one finger.

We’re even in stock for the notoriously elusive but deliciously tasty Baltic Sprats! (Sustainably sourced and air-dried for up to 7 days).

This is excellent news because Prime Day is a-coming and we’ll be doing our own tasty version of Prime Day later this month too!

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New Member of the Bounce and Bella Team!

We’ve got to wait until the beginning of July to give them an official unveiling but we interviewed on Tuesday and our new member of the team got the job on Wednesday.

The job is based in the new warehouse and it’s helping Andy stay in stock, dealing with suppliers, making sure the new subscription service (coming soon!) will work seamlessly and lots more unseen but utterly vital things we need to keep ticking.

Of course the first question was – Do you have a dog?

And the answer was a resounding – yes!

A gorgeous dachshund with an awesome name that we’ll be revealing, fingers crossed again, at the beginning of July!


Hannah started full-time properly on Tuesday this week.

She gets through so much work that it feels like she’s been full-time for a while. I’m already wondering what it is I do with my days.

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Happiness Games

If you haven’t already check out the new Happiness Games we’re creating and growing on the blog.

They’re all suuuuper-simply DIY games you can create to play with your dog with minimum effort.

Many of our dogs spend much of their day lazing around the house – a far cry from their natural wandering ways.

Just a few minutes here and there messing about with your dog can help their wellbeing in all sorts of ways…

  • Helps liven up their lives.
  • Reduces boredom (and boredom can lead to unwanted behaviour).
  • Provides mental stimulations.
  • Can help with physical fitness.
  • Strengthens the pack’s bond – if you have multiple dogs.
  • Increases their focus on you.
  • You become an even more important part of their lives.
  • If you become where the party’s at – they want to be with you – which can give you a stronger foundation for bigger training issues like recall and pulling on the lead.

You can find out first wanderings into Happiness Games at:

That’s all for now!

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That’s all the news this month, so do let us know by emailing us at if you’ve got any questions or thoughts.

Have the loveliest weekend,

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