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BB Opening Times, Deliveries & Subscriptions

BB Opening Times, Deliveries & Subscriptions

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


Hope you’ve recovered from the Black Friday Weekend. You’re probably all shopped out so it’s just a quick heads up this week about Christmas opening times, deliveries and subscriptions.

It’s quite simple this year.


Opening Times

The warehouse is running with a smaller crew throughout the Christmas/New Year period and only inactive on the weekends and Bank Holidays.

So we’re not going to shut down this year, rather we’ll just keep things going with the following non-working day exceptions:

23rd Sat
24th Sun
25th Mon Christmas Day
26th Tues Boxing Day

30th Sat
31st Sun
1st Mon New Years Day



With the strikes at Amazon an exception, the couriers seem to be ready for Christmas. However, there will of course still be delays due to volume.

Our advice for deliveries is the same as every year, order well in advance of the Christmas period and stock up well.


Customer Care

If you need to contact Lucy at customer care with an issue over the period, she will be following the same schedule as above.
So if you contact us on the 23rd, there may not be a response until the 27th.



If you have a subscription that falls on any of the non-working days it will be dispatched on the next working day.


As ever, any questions about anything at all just reply to this or any email and we’ll help,

Have a lovely weekend,



Here’s a recent review we loved that is wholly inadvisable…

Whitefish and Potato Cookies – Just Two Ingredients **NEW VERSION**

Little drops of fishy heaven…

“In the words of the late, great Tina Turner, these are ‘simply the best’. Not only does Daisy (the golden lab) think so, I have tried one myself and they make a delicious pre-tea snack. Give one a go*, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Daisy’s Mum | Judgeme



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