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Bounce and Bella: Maddison’s Husband Sale

Hello you lovely Pet Parent you. 😊

Two wonderful things have happened..

Awesome thing #1 – We’re (mostly) back in stock – YAY!

Awesome thing #2 – Maddison’s review starring her husband.

And we’re celebrating with a sale on grain-free training treats (including the multipacks!).

Maddison’s Review

Here’s a screenshot of Maddison’s review. It’s for the Poultry and Fish Training Treats 3-pack…

Maddison's Review: 5* treats - so good my husband likes them. Both of my pooches love these treats and because they are small they're great for training too. One of my dogs is a very nervous recess, we use these with distraction training to reward him not barking at every human that comes near our house. My husband say they are delicious too... unfortunately I'm not joking...

We’re celebrating with a 10% discount on all the classic grain-free training treats – including the multipacks!

Use the code MaddisonsHusband for 10% off all the grain-free training treats – including the multipacks.

  1. Just go to Bounce and Bella at:
  2. Pick out your dog or husband’s favourite training treats.
  3. Add them to the cart.
  4. At checkout use the code: MaddisonsHusband
  5. That’s it!

But the offer only lasts until Midnight Monday the 29th March!

As ever, any questions just comment on this post or email us at and Hannah will spring to your assistance with the speed of a well trained husband.

Have yourself a delicious weekend,

Thank you so much for that awesome review Maddison 🤣😂🤣

This is not us recommending scoffing dog treats – all husband training should be done with treats made especially for husbands.

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