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Bounce and Bella – the Origin Story

Bounce and Bella is run by just two families and created by childhood friends Darren Clunie (me) and Andy Irvine.

As kids we spent much of our time playing footie, and our dogs were just hairy siblings that were wonderfully hilarious and unpredictable parts of the team (no xbox, no internet – just football, dogs and some mighty fine nettle-whacking sticks).

Very simply, that is what Bounce and Bella is all about, dogs are part of the team, a much loved member of the family, and like you, we want the very best for our dogs – for them to grow up happy and healthy like the rest of the kids.

So welcome to Bounce and Bella, if you have any questions at all just let us know by hitting the ‘contact’ button at the top of the page or by contacting me directly at

Why do we love dogs?

family with dogs walking in park

They’re fun…

Going for a walk takes on a new meaning when you have a dog.  It ceases to be just a journey to get somewhere, instead, you get to share a whole new adventure with excitement and fun all along the way.  Not only that, but studies have shown that dog owners are far less prone to depression than the general public.

They make us healthier – it’s true!

Apart from the obvious benefits of exercise, research indicates that people who share their lives with dogs are less likely to suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety.   In fact, spending time with your best friend is shown to increase your serotonin and dopamine levels which keep you calm and promote well-being.  It is widely believed that just having a dog is in itself a factor in helping to ease tension levels between members of the family.

They improve our social life!

boy sitting with dog

People are funny animals, all very different but all so very predictable when it comes to their dogs.  You can recognise another dog owner even without their dog by the way they approach your pet, seeking permission and acceptance from the animal before looking up and acknowledging your presence.  The shared experience of caring for and being cared for by a loving pet is one that brings people together, from all walks of life and in all sorts of social situations.  You would probably surprise yourself if you sat back and thought about the number of friends you have that you met or became close to because of your dog.

Most Importantly … they’re family!

It’s more than just being a doggy fan.  When you have a dog you form a bond with it that is every bit as strong as with any member of your family.  You take care of him, feed him, walk him, comfort him and he pays it all back with interest.  In your lonely moments you know you can count on his presence.  When you want to share the good times you know he’ll be there, every bit as excited as you.  When you just need to feel you have someone to be there, he won’t let you down.