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Why switch to grain-free food for your pooch this summer?

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Why switch to grain-free food for your pooch this summer?

The summer is well on its way and we couldn’t be more excited. For dog owners, this means lighter evenings and warmer days to take your pooch for a walk, which is a huge bonus. Not only that, but it also means it’s a great time to review your pet’s diet and ensure it’s the best and healthiest it can be.

As we head into the warmer months, your pet’s diet can have a huge impact on their behaviour and well-being, so it’s important to know what’s best for your dog. One way of doing this is to look at the benefits of grain-free treats…

Why grain-free?

Grain-free food offers many benefits for pets, especially if you’re looking for treats for dogs on a diet, too.

If your dog is currently on a high-grain diet, introduce the new treats slowly. That way it’s not a shock to their system and helps avoid any upset tummies or other problems.

Here’s just a few ways going grain-free can be good for your pet, especially as we head into the summer months.

Fuller for longer

Grain-free treats are packed full of more protein, so you can keep your pet fuller for longer. This also means they’ll be able to store the energy better, so they have more when it comes to those beautiful balmy evening walks.

It also prevents your pet from becoming overweight, so if they’re full it means they won’t be as tempted to snack on any food left out in the bowl.

Easily digested

It’s much easier for dogs to digest grain-free treats, which could mean less irritation for them internally, and fewer trips to the vet for you. It can also help them feel a lot happier and healthier, so they’re likely to be better behaved and enjoy themselves more if their food is easily digested.

Always make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water available when feeding them meals or treats. When the summer comes, just like us they’ll become dehydrated if they don’t get enough cool water in their system. It also helps with the digestion of the food.

Healthy skin

Just like our own, it’s important to take care of your dog’s skin to avoid any irritation and problems. As the weather heats up, it’s more common for dogs to experience skin problems, so keeping them on a healthy grain-free diet will help keep skin in tip-top shape.

In the summer months, the heat is likely to enhance any skin upsets, too, which will make your dog irritable. Introducing grain-free treats can help reduce this.

Shiny coat

There’s nothing better than when your dog is sporting a super shiny coat. Grain-free dog treats can help keep that coat beautiful, so they’re happy inside and out. Make sure you regularly comb or groom your dog’s coat to keep it even shinier and avoid any knots and uncomfortable areas for your dog.

Better dental health

Dental health is something you shouldn’t take lightly, and the same applies when it comes to your pets.

Dental Stix can be given to your pet anytime – either as a reward, if they’ve been good, or once a day to form a regular dental health regime. Not only will their teeth and gums stay healthy, but it can also improve their breath. A key factor for any dog-loving households!

Less shedding

Warmer weather means your dog will shed its coat more to stay cool. This can mean a lot of additional housework and cleaning up, but going grain-free can reduce unnecessary shedding and keep them happy at the same time.

It’s not just the usual day-to-day activities either – you can also use dog treats when training your pup. Dogs will respond well to being rewarded when they’ve done a good deed, or progressed in their training, so grain-free dog treats will go a long way to help with this. It can also help to introduce them into their diet from the offset, so they begin to associate treats with good behaviour.

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