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The best healthy treats for your dog

The best healthy treats for your dog

We love to give our dogs a treat, they are our best friends after all. When it comes to giving your dog a treat, whether it’s for general love or for training, then it’s important that the treats you are giving them are healthy and appropriate for them. There are certain foods that dogs simply cannot be fed, these include chocolate, avocados, grapes and lots more. However, there are plenty of healthy dog treats for your furry friend. Keep reading to check out the best healthy dog treats to give your pet…

1. Vegetables and fruits

These are both great, low calorie and healthy snacks for your dog. Try cabbage, red peppers, apples or pumpkin. Your dog won’t mind that they’re eating healthy, they’ll just be happy they are getting a treat! Don’t forget to remove any cores or seeds from fruits.

2. Frozen sardines

These tiny fish are rich in omega 3 and tasty. Thanks to their small size, they can also be fed whole. These are great to keep in the freezer to create a treat with some crunch.

3. Cheese

Most dogs love cheese as much as we do, and just like humans, it’s okay in small quantities. This is a brilliant high-value reward for training. Remember that giving them too much cheese on a daily basis will add extra calories and weight, and avoid soft cheese which could cause an upset stomach.

4. Grain free treats

Your dog can struggle to digest grain foods because they aren’t a normal part of their diet. Grain treats are typically used in training situations, but you can get the same results by using grain free treats which taste just as delicious and are beneficial for your dog’s health.

5. Quinoa

Quinoa is great for dog’s with grain sensitivities and is a great stomach settler. Pop some in with their dinner, or use brown rice as an alternative.

If you’re interested in grain free treats for your pet, then why not check out our range of delicious treats today. They’re the perfect tasty treat for your pooch.

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