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Dog Owners are 4x More Likely to …

Dog Owners are 4x More Likely to …

french bulldogs getting a walk

As dog owners we are about 4x more likely than people without a dog to get enough physical exercise each week.

4x more likely!!!

The study of a neighborhood near Liverpool included almost 700 participants and about a third of them owned a dog. They were given activity monitors and completed questionanaires on their movements each week.

In general most dog owners spent close to 300 minutes each week walking with their dogs while those without dogs only walked 100 minutes each week.

So we walk 3x more than non-dog owners and as such are 4x more likely to get enough exercise every week.

Not bad at all – pat on the back time for us – pat on the head time for our dogs (and maybe a quick treat and a belly rub!)

To find out more including which section of dog owners never walked their dogs visit:

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