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Obvious or Not?

Seven Dog Greeting Tips…


dog meeting human

How best to greet a dog?

Just found a great article on how to approach dogs you’ve never met before. I’ve picked out 7 solid tips for meeting and greeting for the first time but have a look at the article for more good info about dog body language.

1. Ask the dog’s guardian if you can pet the dog, if they like contact and if so what kind.

2. Let the dog approach you. Give them the choice.

3. Make sure they can move away if they want – don’t restrict their movement and give them a route away.

4. A rude or threatening approach is made from the front. One shoulder facing the dog in a side-on approach is the polite way to greet.

5. Avoid direct eye contact – use your periphal verison with a turned away head (if you use tip 4 you should be side on anyway).

6. Any eye contact that is given should be short glances with soft and slow blinking eyes.

7. Allow them to walk away if they just want to sniff you and wander off.


Here’s the article – chock full of interesting stuff:

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